Cursed book 3

Cursed, the book where Jalen comes to the Dothtetirbryk group. The third book of the B4 series.

Jalen was a normal kid with big dreams, until he got cursed. No one knows why or how he got cursed but most people thought it more of a blessing instead of a curse. Jalen's curse was that he always had to look the same. He thought that just meant he would never get wrinkles but he started to notice he never changed period. He never got taller or fatter, he would'nt get a bruise even if he walked through brambles. After a while he realized something. If he would always look the same that meant he would never grow old or get killed in battle. After a while people started to notice he was still a teenager after all the years. Some people hated him for it and some people adored him because of it but most people envied him and because of the envy he got kicked out to wander on his own waiting for the curse to wear off. He knows of only two ways he can be killed. Either by poison or if he was vaporized. But that will never happen right?