Bolbinar is the solar system that contains the planets in the B4 series. Bolbinar is said to be 1000 years A.D. younger than our solar system but more advanced. The Legend knows all about Bolbinar and how it started. The Legend goes as follows.

On a normal day across the world 50 parents each with two kids were brought with their kids to a new galaxy by god. Each family of four was given a planet and a power but it was a burden. With great power came great responsibility though and each family had to survive and build a colony and a suitable one. Each planet has one thing that made it hard to live in and most of the tribes died off. In the end only 10 of the 25 families remained alive and well. The stories of earth brought along governments and kindness and as the stories only contained the good things about earth the stories went from memories to bedtime fantasies. The kingdoms grew and everything was good so they say...

Bolbinar is on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy containing 25 planets and no moons and yet its more human than we are. Find out more in Eclipse.